How to Get More Value from Your International Money Transfers

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Got money? Need to transfer it to a loved one, friend, or supplier in another country? Wouldn’t it be great to eliminate the stress of turbulent foreign currency exchange rates, and be able to lock in at a given rate for multiple transfers, for as long as twelve months?

There are lots of reasons people send money across borders and around the world. We’ll list several of them here. If you don’t see yours below, we’re always interested in different use cases for our services. You bring the money and the destination account you want it to go to. We’ll bring the secure, reliable transfer services that make the regulators happy.  

  • Paying tuition at a distinguished post-secondary institution
  • Issuing payments to the owner of an idyllic vacation property
  • Purchasing a vintage sports car or custom motorcycle
  • Paying for a specialized surgical procedure
  • Overseas investments in businesses or securities
  • Paying for a destination wedding in a tropical locale

You have your reason to send money abroad. What’s important right now is to find a reputable service provider that will send your money on time and won’t charge fees which erode your savings.

Here are five ways you can optimize your international money transfer ROI:

1. Rate Alerts

For expats living abroad who frequently send money home to extended family, rate alerts may help you save money. Instead of proactively checking the Currency Converter during turbulent times, you can define the mid-market rate which suits your budget best.

When the currency pair you're interested in matches that rate, XE will send you an automated email to let you know it's an ideal time to trade.

How to Set a Rate Alert on the Currency Converter application

2. Market Orders

Want to transfer money, but aren't pressed for a specific transfer day or time? Market orders allow you to pick an exchange rate you are comfortable with, and as soon as the currency pair matches your order rate, your transfer will be sent immediately.

3.  Spot Orders

Need to make a transfer, or multiple transfers right away, but concerned the exchange rate might change against you before you complete your transaction? Spot orders enable you to lock on an exchange rate for a single or batch of transfers without paying more due to rate fluctuation.

4. Forward Contracts

Businesses and consumers that need or want to conduct recurring transfers abroad can lock in at a specified exchange rate. An XE Customer Service Representative can help you lock in the value of a defined currency pair for up to (or possibly longer than) a twelve-month period.

5. Currency Market Analysis

Interested in world news, and how it impacts currency valuations? Subscribe to the XE Currency Market Analysis and Currency Update e-mail newsletter services. When you understand the forces which move currency markets, you can better predict the direction of exchange rates, and protect your interests in tumultuous times.

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